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Meet Scott and Angela

At Hamptons Wealth, we really do make your dreams our business. 

We believe strongly in empowering people with financial freedom and independence by challenging the status quo. We are experts at analysing your current financial situation, matching these against your goals and providing you with tailored solutions and the most appropriate financial advice for your circumstances.

Let us tell you about a couple that we recently helped to take back charge of their financial affairs and retirement plans – Meet Scott and Angela.

Scott and Angel are a married couple in their 50’s living in Hornsby NSW with their two children who came to us for help. They had previously owned a business as a Partnership with their friend but sadly the business incurred a lot of losses and eventually they had to declare bankruptcy. Angela ended up finding employment as an Administration Assistant and Scott found employment working at a factory. Their total combined income was approximately $165,000 a year and they had accumulated a combined balance of almost $200,000 in their super. Scott and Angela came to us because they needed help with creating wealth and making the most of what they had, especially after losing so much money in the past.

Through a thorough review of their financial circumstances, we were able to help Scott and Angela refinance their current home in Hornsby, access the accumulated equity from that home and use that equity to purchase a small investment property in Melbourne. Once the settlement for their second property came through they were ecstatic and hungry for more! They came to us again asking if we can help them purchase another property through their super. We referred them to our qualified Financial Advisor was helped set up their Self-Managed Super Find (SMSF), and through this they were able to purchase their third property in Brisbane which will continue accumulating wealth for their retirement.

Scott and Angela are now extremely happy and beyond content after coming so far in such a short space of time – from losing a business and declaring bankruptcy to now having 3 investment properties around the country! Let us help you by paving a tailored way to your financial freedom and independence! Get in contact with Hamptons Wealth today to book your no-cost consultation!